February 10, 2019

Omegon mini lx2 review

I am trying to reduce weight of my photo equipment and after the fail on skitoung trip in Austria the time has come for the equatorial mount. I finally decided
My latest picture of Orion was awarded as a prestigious NASA astronomy picture of the day Original text by NASA: Do you recognize this constellation? Through the icicles and past the

January 22, 2019

Czech Nature Photo 2017

My photo of the bear’s garlic from Libický luh was among the 21 nominated photographs of nature from more than 3,000 sent pictures to the null year of the prestigious
Noc, Mléčná dráha a Votický javor
You can read about night photography and much more on č
The photograph of Perseids above Black lake in Bohemian forest was awarded as a czech astronomy picture of the month by The Czech Astronomical Society. I would like to thanks to