I am young landscape photographer from Prague, Czech Republic focused on landscape and nightscape photography

You can see here pictures from less popular places – I avoid crowded and well-known touristy spots, so in places like Venice, Moravian Tuscany or Iceland you won´t definitely catch me. The only exception is the vantage point Máj, which was barely visited a couple of years ago. Nowadays it belongs to the most frequented sites but a only a foll would say NO to this tremendous place.

I am trying to capture some unconventional views in different times of day and night in places I know well.

I started to take photographs seriously with the purchase of the fullframe reflex camera Canon D Mk.II, Currently I am working with fullframe Canon R and lenses Canon 16-35 f4 IS L USM, 50 f1.4 and Sigma 100-400.

I am brand ambassador of Genesis gear and photoambassador of Gesäuse national park.